Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sea Glass Ball Fishing Net Floats

My Latest Finds
Some of my recent sea glass finds include a handful of bubble-filled teal greenish blue shards. This is a rather rare color for us and likely comes from fragments of the vintage, Japanese and Korean glass fishing floats that have meandered their way across the great expanse of ocean to land on a Pacific Northwest beach.

Across The Ocean
These glass fishing net floats were found washed up on a beach in remote Alaska. Over a lifetime they've crossed the Bering Sea from Asia. Once used by fishermen to give their fishnets buoyancy, the floats were strung together on the nets then set adrift upon the sea.

Very Rare
The nets were supported near the water’s surface by these hollow, colorful glass balls containing air to keep them afloat. After a springtime storm, the sea glass hunter can still occasionally find a piece from a broken glass float. However a fully intact glass float is an extremely rare find. Occasionally we are able to sell one or two of these on our website, when available. Click here: Glass Floats

These were photographed by me on the beach in front of my home along the Puget Sound. Copyright Mary Beth Beuke
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