Monday, June 2, 2008

West Coast Sea Glass Finds and Creations


Robert Campbell said...

Terrific work. Your pictures are amazing. Hey in my seaglass post, did I steal a picture from you? If so I do apologize and I will link to you right in the post if I didn't already... Just email me.

The Right Blue said...

That red one in the third photo certainly has an interesting texture. What do you suppose it came from?


Michele said...

Mary Beth, I love, love, love your blog! Thank you so much for sending your info to me. I will add your addresses to my blog soon. You certainly have some gorgeous finds! Enjoyed the info on the marbles. My parents have found much more than I simply because I'm now in the Midwest and some real beautiful pieces (MY favorites are the complete, decorative glass bottle stops!). They say the ones that have the texture of the red one have gone through a fire. Is that what you have concluded as well? Again, thank you for the lovely blog and site. You are certainly wished many happy and productive sea glass searches! ; )

Karen said...

Wow! You have a beautiful collection! I hope to find some beauties as well! Love your blog!

West Coast Sea Glass said...

Dear Sea Glass Lovers,

Thank you for visiting The Sea Glass Blog. Your comments and enthusiasm are always welcome. Thank you for your patience as we figure out this whole blog thing. We'll be posting again soon.

Mary Beth -