Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Biggest Critic

Coffee Cup Cam
I’ve been a jewelry artist for over a decade. I’ve taken group classes, invested in private tutoring sessions and spent countless hours in my own studio. Yet, I still find myself disappointingly thinking that the jewelry I make is fairly lackluster. In fact, I’ve created pieces convinced that it would never sell only to have someone fall totally in love with it.

I am, by far, my biggest critic; and have often been reprimanded by friends for saying something like, “Oh, I’m really not an artist.” Or, “I’m not that good at making jewelry.” After such a long time, I still rarely find myself pleased with one of my own creations.

Except, when it comes to the sailboats. Our sailboat line has been the most fun! I love sitting down with piles of glass, trying to pair up pieces. I’ve really enjoyed the whole process of sawing, torching, and sanding. Slowly, the piece comes to life as I work, and with each finished product I'm certain that I've just made my favorite sailboat.

Finished Sailboats

Some final outcomes are more abstract than others, but I’ve found that is all part of the allure. The ocean doesn’t always send me perfect pieces to work with, but sometimes customers prefer the imperfect. Kim returned a sailboat that her husband bought her so she could get one that was less picture-perfect. Yah, she thought my jewelry was too perfect.

It also doesn’t hurt my confidence that the sailboats tend to sell right away (or sail away, cheesy pun totally intended). It’s wonderful to hear stories of others who are falling in love with the sailboats, too. Like, the woman who bought one for her daughter… Then one for herself. And I just shipped her a third sailboat pendant for her other daughter.
Contact: Lindsay at West Coast Sea Glass

I’d love to be able to spend my day just making sailboats, and you can support my efforts. Feel free to email me your favorite pairing (at right) so I can get started on your one-of-a-kind sailboat.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And, The Winner Is....

My family did the drawing today before the Super Bowl game. They were at my Aunt Carolyn &  Uncle Jerry's house with a bunch of witnesses people around. The winner of the $500 raffle is Chris Landers who went to high school with Jim's wife, Brandy. Brandy let her know that she was the winner. Even though she said she had never won anything before in her life, she chose to give the money to Jim & Brandy. People have been awesome and the fundraiser was a great success. I know it means a lot to Jim and Brandy (and to us) that so many people have supported them and are praying for them. God bless each & everyone of you!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Love With Sea Glass

Sea glass tumbled and carried by the ocean's tidal movements, waves and wind is sculpted smooth and beautiful.
To find a once broken and sharp shard, now frosted smooth by the elements is considered a treasure.
One of the most common shapes that a shard of sea glass is found in is a tranglular shape.
This has everything to do with the angles which discarded bottle and plate glass most often break into.

Though a heart shaped piece of sea glass is an extremely rare find, (not to mention incredibly romantic) it really is just a more intricate relative of the triangle.

At West Coast Sea Glass we would venture to guestimate that for every 3,000 to 5,000 pieces of sea glass we find, one might be a true, sea-smoothed heart.
Most of them are saved, cherished and gazed at for years.  But occasionally, we do chose to invest time and artistry into setting the piece in a classic keepsake piece of jewelry.
And some of our finest pieces are made available as heirloom Valentine's Day gifts.