Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's All About The Sea Glass Jewelry

Teal Sea Glass Cuff Bracelet
There are constants in life like the regularity of the tide and the beckoning with which the ocean calls out to some of us. There is also the need to create which runs strong and unwaveringly for some.

The act of collecting sea glass provides us with a reason to escape to the beach but it also provides fodder for that compelling drive to see the potential in creating something beautiful with that which we have gathered.

And then it really becomes all about the sea glass jewelry. That's how it is at West Coast Sea Glass.  And honestly, it's been that way for years.

This blog has generally been our place to share the joy of the hunt, the beauty of our surroundings and to tell the sea glass story.  But in this blog post, we unapologetically display some of the created, handmade pieces; the sea glass jewelry.

Magenta Swirled Sea Glass Ring
Bright, Limey UV Green
Cobalt Blue Teardrop
Sailboat Necklace
Vibrant Lime Green Ring
Rare Turquoise Blue Ring
Honey Amber Ring
Aqua Blue Disc Ring
Triple Pastels Necklace
From a lifetime collection of Pacific Ocean rarities, each sea glass piece is chosen for it's symmetry, frostiness and color.  

We artistically hand craft the jewelry around the ocean sculpted artifact, creating a one of a kind work of art.

Hours of training in metal and silversmith techniques paired with multiple work studios have enabled us to gain the experience needed to set our sea glass rarities into their jewelry forms.

See more of our lifetime collection of sea glass and sea glass jewelry here:
West Coast Sea Glass.

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