Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome to The Sea Glass Blog!


Thanks for joining us as we journey the world's oceans; sharing tales, showing our sea glass finds, traveling together!

This blog is brought to you by the collectors at West Coast Sea Glass. West Coast Sea Glass, on the Pacific Ocean coast, is a studio that was developed as a result of a lifelong love with the ocean and sea glass collecting in particular.

We are lifetime beach combers who've traversed miles and miles of shoreline. Now our collection spans every major ocean and many remote locations of the world. Our collection, paired with our decades of jewelry design experience has put us in a unique place to share our sea glass knowledge with others.
Though this blog is new, our sea glass knowledge is not. Our hope is that you'll find these pages rich with information and that you'll even find them as enchanting as seaglass itself.
What's new: This fine, 7 piece bracelet is made with rare cobalt blues all bezel set in sterling silver. Considered quite rare, they've each been tumbling a lifetime on beaches along the majestic Pacific ocean.
Thanks for joining us! Please mark this blog in your favorites or click the RSS Feed button as we will update our stories and creations as often as possible.

Mary Beth Beuke - Collector, Artist, Owner; West Coast Sea Glass Studio

Please enjoy our latest sea glass video.

Turn up your volume and click the "play button.

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Unknown said...

Respected sir,

I am just loving your blog day by day. I am always in hunt for the
marine related blogs and try to leran fron them the art of blogging.
I am to an amature bolger and write at LIFE AT SEA (

I am blogrolling your link in mine so that my readers to can enjoy your posts
thanking you
Nandkishore gitte

Life at sea

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

I always thought that the mint green jadite pieces I have were the uv lime. Is a black light the only way to identify the uv lime?

Unknown said...

I visited my sister in Florida and I was amazed at her collection of
Sea Glass - mostly collected in New England. I live a mile from the shores of Puget Sound (WA State) and I was delighted to find the amount of sea glass (albeit small) in the variety of colors that I have found. PLUS - my dog gets a walk!!

Anonymous said...

I paid my first visit to my father's aunt in Lakebay in 1970. On display, at her home on Puget Sound were 5 glass balls. All of them in excellent shape and differing sizes. The sizes ranging from approx. 12" ball to a 4" inch ball, and one in a bottle shape approx. 6" in length. They are light green in color. My aunt and her husband collected them from the beach area at low tide. I fell in love with their story and the area. My aunt sent them to me a few years later. Does anyone have any ideas of their historical value?

~MyGalSal~The "Bird Whisperer" said...

I love your blog. I started collecting sea glass only this past summer after a trip to Maine with my husband. I have found almost all my seaglass in Gloucester, MA. I have found white, seafoam green and a few small blue pieces. I am hoping to go to an island off Portland, Maine next weekend, weather allowing.