Tuesday, February 15, 2011

West Coast Sea Glass - Jewelry Designing with Inspiration

As serious sea glass collectors and full time jewelry designers our art is about more than just putting out a product. It's about desinging with inspiration, a purpose and a story. Here's how and why we do it.

The beach view from the front of the West Coast Sea Glass studio

It's a daily choice to surround ourselves with beautiful things. Why? Because when there are orders to fill and bills to keep up on, the "creative juices" can easily get squished into the corner in light of the more pressing "responsibities" to running a full-time business. That's why at West Coast Sea Glass we take the inspirational and designing side of our job quite seriously.

Regular beach treks and excursions are on our calendar specifically for the purpose of staying close to the ocean and for the purpose of discovering something new and beachy.

On one of our day treks in northern Washington state

Though it's getting more elusive to find, we've searched shores around the world to find these rare, colorful treasures. After decades of tumbling at sea each has been on an individual journey and no two are exactly alike. That's why we go out of our way to catalog each shard in baskets by color, by condition and by which ocean it was found along. We make this story available to each and every customer that buys a West Coast Sea Glass piece.
As trained silversmiths, we make sure we quality check each piece and scrutinize for creativity, uniqueness and sturdiness. We work hard to keep our pioneering spirit in our designs and in the way we run our business.

Lindsay solders a sterling silver ring.

The sea star is our silver stamp on
each custom bezel jewelry creation.
A group of deep purple sea stars.

OUR CREATIVE MARK:  The ocean's beauty is all around us giving us daily reminders of nature's color and resilliance. This is reflected often in our work.  Like the journey of sea glass, the sea star is a symbol of regeneration.  We stamp it on each custom bezel piece of our jewelry.
UNIQUE SEA GLASS JEWELRY: Below: A rich, cobalt blue piece of vintage medicine bottle glass is smoothed by years along a rugged Pacific ocean shore. It has been beach combed by the artist then finely bezel set into a sterling silver toggle necklace.

Rare, cobalt blue medicine bottle glass in a sterling silver necklace.

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arizona auto glass said...

Glass is fascinating and I marvel at those with the skill to do such masterful work.

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Oh! I want one of those. Just beautiful. Keep the good work up!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I LOVE Seaglass - it is so beautiful and always says,"ocean, beach" to me.

Love seeing the photos of the jewelry-making - fascinating!

I hope you will be blogging soon and that you are well?

I'm your NEWEST follower - I'd like to add you to my blog roll, too, if you are active?

Best Wishes,

beachside cottage

Clipping Service said...

excellent design!
thanks a lot for sharing with us :)

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What a wonderful colors!

West Coast Sea Glass said...

Linda, Sure! We'd love to be added to the beachside cottage blog roll. Our most active posts are at www.WestCoastSeaGlass.com
Thank you, Mary Beth - West Coast Sea Glass